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Amanda’s a-bombs will make your flank steak Fuller!

Feisty Amanda Fuller is full of talent. From Mr. Sadman (2009) to Red White & Blue (2010), Amanda has been filling screens with electrifying scenes. Not had your fill of Ms. Fuller yet? Check her out in Freerunner (2011) and Creature (2011)!

Alyssa Milano 2014

Alyssa Milano played Tony Danza’s daughter on the TV series Who’s the Boss?, teaching viewers the joys of watching a young girl develop, buy a bra to handle her blossoming charms, and then lose her virginity. When the show was canceled, Alyssa lost the bra, and her massive talent spilled over onto the big screen. In Embrace of the Vampire (1994), she embraced more than gothic occultism, but lesbianism and threesomes too.

Movie Nudity Report: Dear White People, Plus October 17 in Movie Nudity History

We’ve got one film with nudity in limited release this weekend, so we’re also going to take a look back at two films with great nudity released on October 17.

The indie flick Dear White People opens in select cities this weekend, and it features the nude debut of Tessa Thompson (below) who briefly bares her butt at the 31-minute mark!TThompson

Also on this day six years ago, the cult comedy Sex Drive was released and featured a gaggle of nude ladies like Bridgette B., Brea Bennett, Capri Cavalli, Caley Hayes, Massiel Perdomo, and a terrifically topless double for Katrina Bowden!BridgetteBennettCavalliHayesPerdomoBowden

Also released on this day back in 1997 is the Hall of Fame classic The Devil’s Advocate which not only has a great topless scene by Tamara Tunie, but also features the phenomenal full frontal stylings of Connie Nielsen and Charlize Theron!TunieNielsenTheron

Top 10 Blaxploitation Babes

bxOn October 16, 1971, Isaac Hayes‘ immortal “Theme From Shaft” was finally released as a single, a full three months after the film itself was released. The immortal tune would go on to become a number one hit and win an Academy Award for Best Original Song! To celebrate this momentous anniversary, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Blaxploitation Babes of all time!

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