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Actual Strangers Having Sex Of The Day!


There’s nothing quite like genuine, amateur porn. With amateur categories across all major websites filled with new content every day, finding and watching some good old amateur porn shouldn’t be an issue, right? Unfortunately, that never actually seems to be the case. Recognizable faces, questionable acting and ‘professional’ looking performances all seem to be a recurring theme in the category. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with this, more often than not it leaves you craving something a little more… genuine.

It’s exactly that reason why this video from German amateur legends Ersties really caught our eye. The premise of the video is this; take two twenty-something year old students, put them together in a room with nothing but a bed, and introduce them for the first time on camera.

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Best Of: Monica Bellucci

Birthday babe Monica Bellucci went from modeling clothes to shucking them off on the silver screen. Enjoy this video compilation of the best places to to get a look at the Italian eyeful.

Indira Varma To Appear On Game of Thrones Season 4! See Her Nude At Mr. Skin! PICS


British babe Indira Varma brings a taste of the exotic to everything she does, and it looks like she’ll be bringing it to Westeros with a role on Game of Thrones in Season 4! Indira has been cast as Ellaria Sand, the paramour of Oberyn Martell, and mother to several of his bastard children in the kingdom of Dorne.
There’s no word yet on how much skin Indira may show during her stint on the series, but she’s not been shy in the past! To get a taste, just check out Indira’s skinsational fully nude role in the 1996 film Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love! Indira bares boobs, bush, and butt in a variety of compromising positions!
She also had a role on HBO’s short-lived series Rome, but unfortunately used a body double for her breast-feeding scene on the series’ second episode! Four episodes later though, we caught a brief flash of fun bag as she got it on with her man! It’s a little tough to see in the screen cap, so check out the video for maximum sexposure!

Here’s hoping we see much, much more of skIndira in the very near future!
More pics after the jump…
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