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Top 10 Elvis Movie Babes

elvisToday would have been Elvis Presley‘s 80th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by checking out the best nude scenes that his movie co-stars did throughout their career! There are plenty of classic favorites here like his Viva Las Vegas co-star Ann-Margret and Stella Stevens from Girls! Girls! Girls!, but there’s also some lesser known Elvis babes like Millie Perkins from Wild in the Country and Marianna Hill from Roustabout! You can’t help falling in love with these ladies, all ten of whom will get your hips shaking and your lip quivering!

Vulture’s Picks for Most Important Sex Scenes in Movie History

We’re always skeptical when any other site portends to be experts on movie nudity or sex, but when an esteemed film site such as Vulture steps up with a list titled “30 Most Important Sex Scenes in Movie History,” we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They actually put together a pretty nice list here, though there are a few questionable rankings and notable omissions.

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Top 10 Nude with Food

foodHappy Spanksgiving everyone! To get you in the mood to gorge yourself later today, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best moments in film history involving food and women being nude! It’s a proud tradition that spans back decades to films like Sweet Movie and Bolero, and continues into the new millennium in such films as Malena and Shameless! All of these ladies love to either cover their bangin’ bods in food or enjoy sneaking a bite while in the buff, but any way you slice it, they’ll make your Spanksgiving on to remember!

Top 10 Pressed Breasts

pressedOn this day in 1947, NBC’s legendary political talk show Meet the Press debuted, and what better way to honor this momentous occasion than by taking a look at some of the best film moments involving breasts being pressed against glass! A time honored tradition in film, going back at least as far as the 70s, pressed breasts have been featured in everything from comedies like Screwballs and The Kentucky Fried Movie to deadly serious thrillers like Butterfly Effect: Revelation and Poison Ivy 2! Join us now as we look at ten of the best pressed breasts!

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