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TV Nudity Report: The Return of Shameless, Banshee, & Girls

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but in television land, January’s definitely got that title sewn up! Three skinsational favorites returned to the boob tube this weekend, and turned a bitter cold couple of days into the steamiest weekend of the year!

The third season of Cinemax’s Banshee got off to an arousing start, with terrific boob and butt baring sex scenes from Ivana Milicevic and Tanya Clarke, as well as another great look at one of the best pairs of breasts in the business, belonging to the lovely Lili Simmons!Milicevic1Milicevic2ClarkeClarke1LSimmons

Showtime’s Shameless wasted no time in getting back to its bad behavior, with terrific topless scenes from Shanola Hampton & Ileana Huxley, as well as a nice look at Emmy Rossum‘s sensational suck sacks in a see-through bra!HamptonIHuxleyERossum

Finally over on HBO, Girls returned with its fourth season, though the debut was oddly skinless, though we did get our best look at Allison Williams‘ butt yet as a guy ate her out from behind! Does this mean we might see her nude before season’s end? Only time will tell!Williams

Top 10 Pressed Breasts

pressedOn this day in 1947, NBC’s legendary political talk show Meet the Press debuted, and what better way to honor this momentous occasion than by taking a look at some of the best film moments involving breasts being pressed against glass! A time honored tradition in film, going back at least as far as the 70s, pressed breasts have been featured in everything from comedies like Screwballs and The Kentucky Fried Movie to deadly serious thrillers like Butterfly Effect: Revelation and Poison Ivy 2! Join us now as we look at ten of the best pressed breasts!

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