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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is Now in Theaters, And We’re Giving Away Autographed Posters!

hot tub 2Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is out in theaters this weekend, and just like the first one, it’s chock-full of nudity! If you need some encouragement to see it, check out the red bad trailer that features boobs from hottie Christine Quinn!

To celebrate this momentous occasion we are giving away five copies of the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 movie poster, signed by the film’s stars!

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is Now in Theaters, And We’re Giving Away Autographed Posters!

Good People, Child of God, & More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 12.31.14

Before the clock strikes midnight, get in some last minute movie watching with these five flicks sure to make your new year even happier!

First up is Good People, the thriller that gave us our first look at Kate Hudson‘s heinie in quite some time! Frankly, it looks as good as it ever did!KateH

Next up is another James Franco project, this one his directorial effort Child of God. Though the film is disturbing, it does feature some terrific toplessness from Nina Ljeti & Elena McGhee!LjetiMcGhee

The cyber-thriller Cam2Cam will have you uploading to your hard drive when you check out the sensational suck sacks of Jade Tailor, Sarah Bonrepaux, and Martina Gunjaca!JTailorBonrepauxGunjaca

The French drama Abuse of Weakness deals with some heady subject matter, but you’ll get a woody thanks to the knockout nudity from Isabelle Huppert & Laurence Ursino!HuppertUrsino

Finally it’s the 2013 British drama Exhibition delivers a healthy dose of exhibitionism, thanks to the film’s star Viviane Albertine, who bares all three of her beautiful b’s!VAlbertineVivianeExhibition

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