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Spartacus & Magic City: Nudeworthy on Netflix 2.18.15

Two of the most skinsational shows in history were added to Netflix this month, and we’re taking a look at all of the terrific nudity from both shows this week!

First up is Spartacus, and not only will you find the full “War of the Damned” series, but also the prequel mini-series Gods of the Arena. Of course, there’s plenty of nudity in both, including Lucy Lawless‘ terrific topless scene and her lusty lesbian encounter with Jaime Murray! There’s also some phenomenal full frontal from Jenna Lind, Katrina Law, and Viva Bianca, as well as some merkin-sporting full frontal from Anna Hutchison and Gwendoline Taylor, and the hellaciously hot hoots and glutes of Erin Cummings! There are plenty more lovely naked ladies for you to discover on this spec-rack-ular series!LucyLawlessJaimeMurrayJMurray


Another Starz! series, the short-lived Magic City, is currently streaming, and while there’s not quite the quantity of nude scenes to be found, the quality is every bit as good! From the phenomenal full frontal look at Jessica Marais to the boob and butt baring bonanza from Elena Satine and Dominik Garcia-Lorido, there’s plenty to tempt your tallywacker! And let’s not forget the terrific toplessness from Willa Ford and Meredith Ostrom, as well as the hot heinies of Catalina Rodriguez and Olga Kurylenko!MaraisJessicaMaraisSatineESatineLoridoFordOstromRodriguezKurylenko

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Spartacus & Magic City: Nudeworthy on Netflix 2.18.15

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