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Nude Star Tara Reid Shocks Fans with Surprise Wedding PICS

tara reid weddingDidja hear the one about the time Tara Reid went to Greece with a guy, got engaged to him, and married him three hours later? No, really, that’s not a joke. That actually happened this weekend.

Just in case you haven’t heard, if you see Tara partying at some exotic beach resort or another this weekend, hands off, fellas. She’s taken. Tara announced the happy news via Twitter: “I just got engaged!” she tweeted Saturday, followed three hours later with, simply, “Greece married!”

The best part of this positively Britney Spears-esque conjugal caper? The lucky fella is NOT Dutch businessman Michael Lillelund, who was Tara’s (now, obviously, ex-) boyfriend the last time gossip mags checked in with her last November. After several media outlets got the groom’s name wrong, Tara once again took to Twitter to announce: “His name is Zack Kahayov.” No further details about Kahayov have been released; though reportedly the pair met in St. Tropez in November, their relationship has remained completely under the radar until now. Looks like this blonde beach bunny is craftier that she looks.

See NUDE-lywed Tara Reid in the buff after the jump!

Jennifer Love Hewitt to Play a "Working Girl" in Lifetime’s The Client List PICS

JLH towelThis fall, Jennifer Love Hewitt will try her hand at escorting- on screen, at least. The Ghost Whisperer star has signed on to reprise her role as Samantha Horton, a Texas housewife-turned-hooker, in the new Lifetime series The Client List.

Cybill Shepherd will co-star as Samantha’s mother, who lives in blissful ignorance of her daughter’s nude profession. On the other hand, Jennifer’s real-life mother is thrilled that her baby girl has grown up to be a (onscreen) ho, as Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight:

My mom’s like, ‘I’m so proud. You’re pole dancing and you’re going to play a prostitute. Awesome!’

It’s like, ‘Yeah, what you always dreamed about, mama!’ But you know, it’s a great part.

The Client List was skinspired by a real-life prostitution ring in Odessa, Texas, and it’s far from the first tawdry tale to draw from real-life sex worker scandals. Join us after the jump for more movies that have turned news headlines into nude headlights!

Porn Star Joanna Angel Checks in to Childrens’ Hospital PICS

Last night on Adult Swim, the Children’s Hospital gang skindulged in some sexual healing by renting out the hospital for a porno shoot. Starring as herself in this XXXcellent adventure was Joanna Angel, proprietress of the uber popular alt-porn site Burning Angel. Joanna is a porn star as well as a businesswoman, and while she did look super sexy in leopard print underwear in the show, snatchurally she can’t show off the really good stuff on basic cable…

…that’s why we’ve got nude pics of Joanna Angel after the jump!

Is Sexy Fright Night Star Sandra Vergara REALLY Sofia Vergara’s Sister? PICS

sofia and sandraThey’re both Columbian, they’re both Vergaras, and they’re both super sexy. There’s no doubt about that. But according to Sofia Vergara, boobalicious star of Modern Family, the woman whom reporters have been calling her “younger sister,” Fright Night star Sandra Vergara (standing at left), isn’t really her sibling.

As it turns out, Sandra is actually Sofia’s cousin, but the two were raised together- Sandra was taken in by Sofia’s parents at an early age. Sofia’s upset that Sandra isn’t making the distinction in the press, basically accusing her soon-to-be-estranged relative of riding her big, round, delicious coconuts- er, coattails- to stardom.

Sandra has a sexy role in the upcoming vampire remake Fright Night, including several scenes where she strips to her bra and one Colum-believable thong shot as she puts on a black robe. Could she be purposefully playing up the Sofia commection to get more publicity for her role? Or is Sofia simply failing to show the adopted-sisterly love? Skin Central doesn’t really care, as long as these addictive Columbian exports keep showing up on our computer screens!

Play com-bare and contr-ass with Sandra Vergara and Sofia Vergara after the jump!

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