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"Scorchy" Greta Scacchi’s Daughter is Embarrassed by Her Mother’s Nude Scenes

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While some offspring of famous nude actresses are practically bursting at the seams (and out of their tops) trying to be just like Mom (see: Sonja Kinski, Eva Amurri), there’s at least one daughter of a superhottie who’s embarrassed by her mother’s bare-assed legacy.

Greta Scacchi, the Italian-born, London-based actress who acquired the nickname “Scorchy Scacchi” because of her penchant for onscreen nudity, revealed in a recent interview that her daughter isn’t exactly proud of her mama’s nude oevure. Leila, 19, even went so far as to change her last name in an attempt to distance herself from her mom’s barenaked career. The cause of all this family drama? The elder Scacchi says it’s the internet:

“When boys at my daughter’s school have been interested in her and have Googled her last name, they discover what, out of context, looks very gratuitous, semi-pornographic.”

And what, pray tell, is the matter with that?

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