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Kat, the girl in the pharmacy and the carrot

Some time after the event with Kat, I moved away but always kept in touch through Skype and started to talk dirty play.
One day I told her to fix something in order to fuck her pussy and enjoy tasty, Luam told me he was going to the market later and that the next day would be a surprise.
When we started talking, she asked to switch on the headset and microphone because he had bought one and wanted to hear me talking and that she would enjoy nice because I had shopped and picked a carrot really nice to remember my cock and feel something going on Pussy.
She was freak, started talking, she took all her clothes, and told me:
- Go good, go fuck my pussy .. let me feel that yummy cock in and out …
- Yeah, bitch … you’re a dirty bitch … fuckin ‘good, is feeling my cock going in and out?
- To crown my fifties hot, yes to .. fuck you little bitch go .. I enjoy your cock …
She Asora be chingada …
- Bitch, bitch, shake your dick in my pussy … and she was moaning .. moaned and screamed tasty:
- Yeah, I love to feel your cock fucking me .. fuck .. as it is tasty, will dog .. I break into nice … ‘re breaking into my dog .. fode will .. Eat your pussy bitch …
- Are you naughty wet .. s with her pussy dripping with lust?
- What a crazy, with pussy to blinking and said .. you makes me do crazy things … to sticking carrots in my pussy .. she’s in and out nice … bastard .. cachorroooo ….
- Go Kat enjoys nice going .. enjoys this carrot .. feels like my cock …
We were talking and she was masturbating and moaning in my ear nice and I here on the other hand I masturbated too …
Gradually his breathing was becoming increasingly breathless, her moans louder, I felt his joy coming.
She screamed .. moaning .. delirious with lust …
So enjoyed yummy ..
She told me she took some pictures and sent me. I am attaching the story to get more interesting.
I hope you enjoy and you wife when you get lonely you can make use of this vegetable because according to Kat is wonderful and now she likes more than carrots.
We hope to replicate more times and she will give the next stick in the carrot todinha cusinho and will also take pictures for me to put on the site.
Kisses to all and if you want to add me to play nice, please feel free my e-mail is below.

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