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American Hustle and More: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 3.18.14 PICS

Nude on Blu-ray this week, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence’s sideboobs steal the show in American Hustle (2013). But if you want to see Amy’s bare apples, hustle on over to the 20-minute mark where she gets topless for Christian Bale!

Also out is the film festival favorite Here Comes the Devil. Try your luck at winning a copy here, or just go out and buy it if you can’t wait to own all the nude scenes from Laura Caro, Barbara Perrin Rivemar, Dana Dorel, and Jessica Iris.

Troma does throwback horror in Return To Nuke ‘Em High Vol 1 (2013), where Catherine Corcoran and Asta Paredes provide even more skin than the ‘80s original. Sometimes a classic is a classic though, and you can relive the glory of Brinke Stevens best tits, er hits, in HD now that Slumber Party Massacre (1982) is available on Blu-ray.

Finally, Aussie babe Emma Booth takes stupendous skinny dip in the car crash thriller Swerve (2011).

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