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All The Cans You Cannes: Cannes Winners that Feature Nudity PICS

hunter PianoThe Cannes Film Festival is the biggest event of the year for movie producers, distributors and critics, with high-profile titles premiering at the Festival and thousands of movies screened and sold at the Cannes Marketplace. Much of what lights up movie screens around the world is influenced by what happens at Cannes, and the Palm d’Or is the biggest prize of the festival. And maybe it’s the European influence, or maybe it’s just the nude beaches, but the prestigious Cannes Palm d’Or and scorching-hot scenes of nudity are by no means mutually exclusive.

Join Skin Central for this rubdown of some classic art films that won the big one at Cannes- while showing off lots of cans.

la dolce vitaLa Dolce Vita won the Cannes Palm d’Or in 1960, and is in many ways the quintessential art film. The scene where busty blonde Antia Ekberg plays in a fountain is a classic, but for sweet, sweet nudity check out Nadia Gray baring la dolce boobage at a party.

blowupIn 1967, Cannes gave its biggest prize to Blowup,the torrid tale of a paranoid photographer in swinging London. By far the grooviest part(s) of this 60′s flick are the petite peaks of Jane Birkin -”the Blonde”- and Gillian Hills -”the brunette”.

conversation1974′s Palm d’Or winner, The Conversation, is a powerful statement on government surveillance. Voluptuous Elizabeth MacRae gave a powerful statement on her awesome chest apples and bangin’ backside when she stripped nude in the film.

wild at heartIn 1990, Laura Dern was hotter than Georgia asphalt in the weirdo Wizard of Oz retelling (and Cannes Palm d’Or winner) Wild At Heart. Laura lost her shirt for four scenes of fornicatin’ with rockabilly loverboy Nicolas Cage, with nude roles for two sexy servants and a bad, bad babysitter as the opening act.

hunter Piano 2In 1993, Holly Hunter gave a “brave” (naked) and “powerful” (totally naked) perv-formance in Cannes Palm d’Or winner The Piano. You’ll be tinkling your ivories when you see Holly, totally nude, crouching down to expose bush and back burger.

Who will win the prestigious Cannes prize this year? If it’s got nudity, you’ll find it here on the Mr. Skin blog!

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