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30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden added to cast of Piranha 3DD

bowden bikiniWe’ve been following skintently the celebrity casting for the upcoming boobs n’ bloodbath Piranha 3DD- first they cast Gary Busey, which, while exciting, isn’t exactly our beat here at Mr. Skin. But now we’ve got sexier news- Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive 2011 news, to be precise- as Katrina Bowden, best known as sexy assistant Cherie on NBC’s 30 Rock- has been added to the Piranha 3DD cast!

Katrina has never done nudity onscreen, though she donned a bikini on 30 Rock in 2009 and stripped to her skivvies in Ratko: The Dictator’s Son (2009). This makes the third female cast member who would be making her nude debut should she shed her bikini top, but we’re still hopeful that Piranha 3DD will follow in its predecessor’s big, bouncy nude boobsteps. Except for you, Gary- you can leave your trunks on. No, seriously, leave them on. Please.

UPDATE: Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames and Paul Scheer have also been added to the cast of Piranha 3DD, reprising their roles from the first movie. Mr. Skin could do without seeing any of them naked, either.

Get a sneak peek at Katrina Bowden’s bikini bod- and her costar Danielle Panabacker‘s- right here on MrSkin.com!

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