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Monthly Archives: November 2014

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Great Masturbation Scenes For "Whack Friday"

While all your crazy relatives are standing in line to trample someone for a $300 television set, you’ll be at home celebrating that other great after Spanksgiving holiday we all know as Whack Friday! There are plenty of great masturbation scenes from film history, and we’ve covered a lot of them over the years in aMasturbation Scenes Playlist, Top 10 Female Masturbation Scenes, and the Top 5 Female Masturbation Scenes Video, but over the last two years, we’ve gotten some great additions to these scenes!

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The Porn Dude is Here to Help You Find the Best Porn on the Web


Ever wanted a way to find new porn sites without the hassle?

We’ve all been there – tired of looking at the same adult websites and not having a clue where to start looking for the next. So many sites are riddled with viruses, rubbish content and excessive advertising and there’s no real place to go to find a trusted listing of sites… that was until now.

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