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2014 Toronto International Film Festival Nudity Recap

With the Toronto International Film Festival having finally wrapped up on Sunday, let’s take a look at some of the highlights, including some nude debuts, returning favorites, and a bunch of indies you won’t want to miss!

The biggest news to come out of the festival was that
Reese Witherspoon not only gets naked for the first time in 16 years in the new film Wild, but that she gets naked A LOT! Sure to be an Oscar and Anatomy Award contender, Reese goes naked no fewer than 6 times in the film, baring breasts in all six of those scenes, and her buns twice!

Almost as much ink was spilled over the news that Kristen Wiig‘s nude scene in Welcome to Me made the final cut of the film! Being that this is her nude debut, there’s sure to be a lot more said about the scene in the coming months, but we can’t wait to feast our eyes on her when she goes full frontal in a casino!

The biggest surprise news out of the festival was word that Jennifer Connelly bares her bush and even takes a dude’s load on her face in the new film Shelter! As a heroin addict, Connelly treads once more into familiar waters, considering the last time she showed bush was when she played another addict in Requiem for a Dream!

Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson also goes topless for the first time in 6 years in the new film October Gale, baring her breasts in the bathtub during a flashback scene at the 19-minute mark!

BinocheAnother well-respected actress with an upcoming nude scene is Juliette Binoche who bares her bush and tush in the new film Clouds of Sils Maria!

Some of the other actresses making nude appearances include…

ArtertonGemma Arterton, who slips a nip in Gemma Bovary

RohrwacherAlba Rohrwacher, who bares breasts and buns in Hungry Hearts

WuestSusanne Wuest, who also bares breasts and buns in Goodnight Mommy

BosmansEvelien Bosmans, who bares butt and sideboob in Cub

FellnerRosie Fellner, who bares her right breast in The Face of an Angel

And finally, there are at least five ladies making their nude debuts out of this year’s fest, and we’ve got the details!

SidseSidse Babett Knudsen spends the bulk of the film The Duke of Burgundy in various states of undress, but bares her breasts in full at the twenty minute mark!

De GouwWe get a close-up look at Jessica De Gouw‘s breasts at the 56-minute mark in the film Cut Snake

NguyenThuy Anh Nguyen bares her breasts in three different scenes in the interesting titled film Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere. And yes, that’s Flapping not Fapping!

LovenLisa Loven Kongsli bares all three of her b’s in the new film Force Majeure!

ArielleAnd finally, Arielle Holmes bares both breasts and some brief bush at the 1:07 minute mark in Heaven Knows What!

It’s shaping up to be a stacked awards season, and we’ll keep you abreast of the latest release dates as they come in!

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