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Top 10 Celebrities with Delicious Defects

defectsWith the splatterfest Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters number one at the box office, thoughts turn to the perfection of its titular star Gemma Arterton. But did you know that Gemma has a foxy flaw that lands her on our Top 10 Celebrities with Delicious Defects? Since a unique quirk can often serve to transform a beautiful woman into a full-on sex goddess, adorable anomalies on ladies like Megan Fox and Kelly Monaco make them even more exciting, exotic, and alluring!

TV Nudity Report: Californication, Spartacus, Shameless, Girls, Banshee, House of Lies, [PICS]


Our fevered hopes for the brand spanking new year are all coming true, because lucky ’13 is delivering the boob tube nudes fast and furious. Maggie Grace broke out her boobage for last week’s episode of Californication, and this week she’s offering up her heavenly heinie while stripping for a skinny-dip. The backburger shot may be the work of a body double, but former Lost star has castaway her clothes, and we hope she never finds them again!

Spartacus is back with vengeance on Starz, and the premiere provided a peek at Ellen Hollman’s aqueducts and ass during a great group sex scene. Plenty of reasons to grab hold of your family Julius!

Shameless showed skin for the third week straight with Brazilian boobage from Stephanie Fantauzzi getting felt up in a car, and T&A from Emma Greenwell while getting her cabbage patch munched.

Over on Girls, Lena Dunham directed herself to bare dainty dumplings again, this time while switching shirts in a nightclub, and Banshee provided the howlingly hot hoots of two blonde babes, Leslea Fisher and Erin Estelle McQuatters.

Finally, House of Lies hired soft-core stars Erika Jordan, Christine Nguyen, and Tiffany Tynes to bare it all for a hotel room orgy. Christine even shows her House of Pies!

See pics after the jump!

Amanda Seyfried Talks Popsicle Fellatio on Conan [VIDEO]


Amanda Seyfried has been making the talk shows rounds, hyping up her much skinticipated role in Lovelace, and during her stop at Conan she got a chance to discuss the finer points of simulated oral sex:

“We simulate these things. And we don’t show any genitalia. For instance, Linda Lovelace is famous for ‘Deep Throat’ so I had to do some oral sex and we would use a popsicle which was great because it would make my lips wet and…inflamed. And then…honestly, I can’t believe I went that far just now. I’m sorry.”

Video after the jump!

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