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Monthly Archives: September 2012

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Dead Sushi’s Rina Takeda and Noboru Iguchi: The Mr. Skin Interview


They are the most unlikely of collaborators: a fresh-faced, wholesome karate star barely out of her teens and the poop-obsessed director of Mutant Girls Squad (2010). But fate did bring Rina Takeda and Noboru Iguchi together, and the result is Dead Sushi (2012), the kooky horror-comedy that was one of our highlights of Fantastic Fest 2012. Rina stars as clumsy waitress/sushi nunchaku master Keiko, and while she doesn’t engage in the naked antics of her co-stars Aiko Hashiuchi, Maaya Morinaga, and Marin, she’s still managed to high-kick her way right into our hearts.

We talked to Rina and Noboru through a translator in Austin, TX, and you can read the results after the jump!

Movie Nudity Report: Looper [VIDEO]

There’s only one movie this week that’s both new and nude, but based on the buzz surrounding Looper (2012) after preview screenings at Toronto and Fantastic Fest, it’s the only movie you’ll need. Piper Perabo breaks a ten-year nude drought as a showgirl who does the horizontal tango with star Joseph Gordon-Levitt 24 minutes in, and trust us– when it comes out on DVD, we’ll be looping this one. Extensively.

More after the jump!

Festival Report: Fantastic Fest, Part 4

vulgaria 1

Fantastic Fest’s comedy division is known, appropriately enough, as “Gut Busters”, and while this year there were a few movies that promised all manner of profanity, nothing reached the hilariously obscene heights of last year’s Klown (2010).

Read reviews of Vulgaria (2012), New Kids Nitro (2011), Wrong (2012) and the art-house flick Holy Motors (2012) from Fantastic Fest after the jump!

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