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Monthly Archives: September 2011

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Fantastic Flesh from Fantastic Fest, Part 4: Paranormal Activity 3, Comic-Con Episode 4: A Fan’s Hope,The Innkeepers and More [PICS]

paxton innkeepers
Fantastic Fest
wrapped up last night in Austin, and after a full week of cramming our eyeballs full of movies 12 hours a day, we’re pooped. The last few days of the fest still held some surprises, like the premiere of Paranormal Activity 3 at a much-hyped midnight secret screening (though House of the Devil director Ti West gave PA3 a serious run for its ghost-story money with The Innkeepers, starring Sara Paxton, the following night). Closing night also saw the world premiere of the documentary Comic-Con, Episode 4: A Fan’s Hope, spiced up by a cavalcade of spandex-clad cosplay girls.

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The L Word’s Leisha Hailey Kisses a Girl, Southwest Airlines Doesn’t Like It [PIC]

hailey l word
Imagine you’re sitting on a crowded cross-country flight. Sitting next to you is The L Word star and real-life rug muncher Leisha Hailey. As the passengers continue to board, Lesiha leans over to the woman sitting next to her and plants a gentle kiss on her lips. The two begin making out, oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the plane around them. As the kissing grows more passionate, Lesiha reaches out and begins to slide her hand underneath her travel companion’s shirt…

Sound like a wet dream come true? Not for Southwest Airlines. Hailey is now organizing a boycott of the airline after being escorted from a Southwest flight from Baltimore to St. Louis on Monday. Hailey and her girlfriend were kissing during the flight, and according to the airline passengers complained because the couple’s PDA was “excessive” and making them uncomfortable. At Mr. Skin, we just call that flying the friendly skies!

Members can see more from The L Word‘s Leisha Hailey right here at MrSkin.com!

Buon Compleanno to Italian Eyeful Babe Monica Bellucci

Bellissima! All mammoth mams, ravishing rump, and thick thatch, Italian eyeful Monica Bellucci is a goddess of sensual screen skin. She’s never been afraid to bare her boom-boom body for a role, no matter how taboo (Malena, Irreversible). Let’s wish Monica a happy birthday with a vid featuring her very nudest work. Forget the cake–she’ll put the cream in your cannoli.

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