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Monthly Archives: July 2011

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Get Animated with the Sexy Stars of Cartoon-Inspired Movies PICS

katy perry cartoonShe’s halfway to becoming a cartoon character herself, so it was only appropriate that Katy Perry would voice Smurfette in the new live-action/animation hybrid The Smurfs, which hits theaters this weekend.

While the movie doesn’t answer the age-old question “Is Smurfette the only female Smurf? If so, does that make her the town bicycle (you know, everybody’s had a ride)?”, but we did get this smurfin’ great panty peek from Katy, scantily dressed as always at the film’s premiere.

Katy might be relegated to struttin’ her stuff at film premieres, but she’s far from the first sexy star to bring, ahem, adult appeal to a cartoon-inspired family flick. Dads need to have something to look at when they accompany the kiddies to the movies, right?

Join us after the jump for sexy pics of Halle Berry, Rachael Leigh Cook, Kelly Lynch, and more!

Anal Nation 2

Kelly Blue has been spotted in the DP zone. In an Anal Nation there are only a few things that will shock these whores. Dp is one of those things! Now you get to watch as some of the hottest most erotic Dp action takes place right in front of your eyes. You have to see it to believe it.

Lenght: 01 h 12 min 50 sec

Year: 1991

Director: William Black

Kelly Blue

Pleasure Productions Volume 2

White hot 3-way action abounds in this second scorching video delight, topped off by a sizzling 3-way where both girls beg for a little back door attention. These sexy women are true sex fiends and want you to watch them as they get their pussies penetrated to the core while their girlfriend waits for her turn.

Lenght: 00 h 56 min 45 sec

Year: 1984

Director: N/A

Renee Summers

Check out the Rootin’ Tootin’ Rumps, Racks and Rugs of Mr. Skin’s Cowgirls & Femaliens Playlist PICS

henstridge c&a

Cowboys & AliensOlivia Wilde may be a tease, but never you fear, pardners- Mr. Skin knows a few pokable cowpokes and anatomically correct aliens who aren’t afraid to drop their bloomers and bare some out-of-this-world nudity. Wow, how mixed was that metaphor? About as mixed as the 23 movies we’ve compiled into our brand-spanking nude Cowgirls & Femaliens playlist! We’ve got some great nudes from the Old West and deep space alike, and we’re giving you a sneak peek after the jump!

Set your phasers to “stunning” with Natasha Henstridge, Salma Hayek and more nude after the jump!

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