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Monthly Archives: April 2011

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Hot Shorts Presents Cody Nicole

Flashy, ash-blonde, and 6 ft tall, Cody has appeared in “Oui” centerfold, “Girls On Fire” and does a dynamite anal sex scene with two well-hung studs in this sizzling film. She loves to suck cock, wet pussy, and take it up the ass. A must see for classic vintage movies.

Lenght: 00 h 29 min 08 sec

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Cody Nicole

The Muff’s Enough: Mr. Skin’s Bush-Only Nude Scenes PICS

betty blue bush
Like the Gorgeted Puffleg, the endangered hummingbird only found in the cloud forests of Columbia’s Serrania del Pinche, the bush-only nude scene is a rare and exotic beast. We had a brush with this elusive nude creature with this week’s Blu-ray release of Betty Blue, and to celebrate we’ve got a new playlist of bush-only nude scenes!

Skindulge yourself with a heaping helping of hair pie after the jump!

Velvet Tongue

A sailor, a truck driver, a waiter, a plumber, and an actor are just some of the guys busty Ingrid satisfies in practicing her oral magic!! This video will have you drooling in awe as the hardcore sucking and fucking commences!! Watch this classic video and see where horny and lustful adult film gained its origin!

Lenght: 01:28:50

Year: 1985

Director: N/A

Gita Kobar

Happy Secretaries’ Day From Mr. Skin! PICS

secretary gyllenhallSure, it’s more PC to call them “administrative professionals,” but Mr. Skin has a feeling these naughty note-takers don’t mind. When you see these secretaries bend over and take dic(k)tation, you’re the one that’s going to get a raise!

miner spankingRachel Miner plays a secretary with a spanking fetish on Californication (2007). You’ll be giving your tool a good spanking too!

secretary gyllenhall 3After a long day of kinky dom/sub games at the office, Maggie Gyllenhaal unwinds with some full frontal nudity in Secretary (2002).

ringwald secretaryMiss Monika Ringwald, take a note- we can see your snatch in Intimate Games (1976).

Sweet sexretaryJamie Sweet gives her future boss a sextremely intimate interview in Sexcretaries (2005). You’re hired!

To all the hardworking office assistants out there who keep our inboxes organized and our spank banks full- we salute you! Spanks a million, secretaries!

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