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Monthly Archives: January 2011

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Satisfaction Jackson

The one and only F.M Bradley and his penis both star in this movie, telling the tale of a sexual therapist who’ll do anything to please. Mr. Bradley is cool as they cum, and redefines the title Shaft

Lenght: 01 h 14 min 21 sec

Year: 1988

Director: Henri Pachard

Alicia Monet

Wrapped Up

Relive Their Hottest And Kinkiest Moments… From the first sultry kiss to the last orgasmic quiver, these scenes are hot! When Ashlyn Gere meets Rocco Siffredi, she gives him a night he won’t ever forget, and then Ashlyn shows Randy West that she’s just as eager for some rear entry action. Deidre Holland has that special cure for Joey Silvera’s horny pains, while Carolyn Monroe treats T.T. Boy’s fever with undying passion. It’s non-stop sizzle and throb, and its all here, just waiting for you!

Lenght: 01 h 09 min 35 sec

Year: 1992

Director: N/A

Ashlyn Gere

Endless Lust

A shocking expose of the notorious sexual scandals in today’s political arena. All the cover-ups are stripped away, revealing the naked truth behind the headlines. The illustrious Senator Jack Doucette has been indicted for gross sexual misconduct. His loving wife Erica, swearing to stand by him for better or for worse, proclaims his innocence. Yet when the Senator is convicted, this beautiful nympho elects to dump him. Exploiting the opportunity created by the storm of publicity, she begins a movie and modeling career. This wiggles her into every torrid sexual encounter imaginable, with every lover her luscious body can seduce. Erica appears on The Larry Moore Show for a candid, exclusive interview, and spills the whole seamy tale of Washington’s musical beds. She hides nothing as she reveals every detail of the wicked habits indulged in by our national office-holders, as well as their wives! Sound familiar? It’s all there on the screen. You are witnesses to all the erotic adventures of our characters. A real turn on!-When a well-respected Senator finds himself in hot water over a Washington sex scandal, his loving wife Gena Lee promises to stand by him. Of course, as soon as he’s convicted, she drops him like a bad habit and moves on to a naughty new career — nude model! Gena uses the publicity from the case to propel herself into the sensual spotlight, even landing a gig on a late night talk show. She lays bare all of the capitol’s most sordid sexual secrets, from Oval Office orgies to a Presidential nephew who spends his spare time servicing Senators’ lusty wives. It’s a scandalous sexvid that pulls back the curtain on Washington’s wickedly wanton ways. There’s no covering up this torrid, tantalizing treat!

Lenght: 01:17:18

Year: 1983

Director: Erica Fox


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