Best Of: Monica Bellucci

Birthday babe Monica Bellucci went from modeling clothes to shucking them off on the silver screen. Enjoy this video compilation of the top places to to amuse a attending at the Italian eyeful. Keep reading >>

Hollywood Xposed: Week of Sept. 29th

Naked News anchor Isabella Rossini is here to expose all of the latest Tinseltown gossip on Hollywood XPosed! This week, Isabella tells us about the latest information from the boob tube, where Caitlin FitzGerald fabricated her nude debut on Masters of Sex, to the Blu-ray release of Halloween: The Complete Collection! Keep reading >>

Third Person, Are You Here, and More: Celebrity Nudity on DVD & Blu-ray 9.30.14

Two skinsational advanced releases and two films celebrating milestone anniversaries are manufacture a splash on DVD & Blu-ray this week!

Hit the spring for added pics and info… Keep reading >>

Hollywood Xposed: Week of Sept. 22nd

Naked News favorite Peyton Priestley is here to expose all of the latest Tinseltown gossip, and herself, on the latest edition of Hollywood XPosed! This week, she’s covering everything from the theatrical release of Terry Gilliam’s latest mindbender The Zero Theorem, which features a nude appearance by Melanie Thierry, to the blu-ray release of Spartacus: The Complete Series! Keep reading >>

Movie Nudity Report: September 26 in Movie Nudity History

After getting spoiled with 5 advanced releases with nudity last week, we’ve hit a wall this week with no wide or limited releases featuring nudity. Thankfully, September 26 has yielded a figure of films with nudity over the years! Let’s booty a attending back at some of the best!

September 26, 2008 saying the release of two indies that both featured phenomenal nudity! Choke brought us the nude debut of Community star Gillian Jacobs, and again gave us a attending at Paz de la Huerta’s butt and Alice Barrett’s breasts!Keep reading >>

Amazon’s New Series Transparent Features Some Prime Nudity!

The Amazon Original Series Transparent debuted on Friday, and much according the show’s pilot, there was plenty of nudity, everywhere you looked!

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